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Loblaw entered the Atlantic Canada for Atlantic Wholesalers, the owner of the SaveEasy chain, in 1976. atlantic superstore flyer bridgewater ns

In 1986, the company opened a restaurant in Moncton, New Brunswick, The Real Atlantic Superstore. In 1995 the reduced name is now and stores store have changed "market style" with "Low Prices and More!" Most SaveEasy sites, excluding rural areas, eventually become SuperValu or Superstore, even though they change or change. weekly flyers vaughan

During the 1990's, the company's office was transferred from Sackville to Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. New sites for sale at the right time are being used, and a wide expanding software brings new office stores to many locations in the area just a few years. At the beginning of the year 2000, marketing campaigns were introduced to the luxury rooms, replacing the word "Eating, Drinking Alcohol". It is like a program that has been developed at stores in Loblaws, Ontario. After obtaining a statement from the Real Canadian Superstore in Ontario, the Atlantic Superstore used the same work as "A Price That You Can Trust." This idea was used until 2009 when the "Better Percentage" meeting started at the Atlantic superstore windows.

The other Atlantic Superstore will move to No Frills depending on the property.


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