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The latest IGA flyer. Choose IGA's free stand, special iga flyer ste rose du lac online shopping, latest offers, sales and offers. See all IGA magical species for a good week. Choose your favorite local favorite home.

In view of the Foodland operation (see Flyer Foodland), IGA is an independent retailer in Canada that has been purchased and is currently delivered by the company Sobeys, the country's second-largest retail chain of food.
The company contains a large number of private involved:

Compliments - food and human products; Payment of weekly flyers no frills debts - healthy food; Compliance Organizations - Organic Food; Feelings for peculiarities - Various delicious salads; Pruggioli Greencare - has excellent environmental issues; Gourmet Minute - Loans; S! Gnal - Catering for everyday activities.

Quality Elements of Affordable Price Famous Names are available in IGA stores. The latest loans are available at IGA Flyer. Meat, fresh produce, seafood, seafood, bakers and snacks are safe in the sales categories that promote the price of the week.


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