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Provigo Quebec is a Canada-based grocery, comprising more than 300 stores and franchises throughout the province. It runs a retail chain of stores and distribution warehouses. It is owned by Lobla Company Limited.

Chain advertising slogan is "Sien Vite, SA Bonna!" ("Very fast, very good!") Find your local Provigo Flyer at RFD Quebec, Your source of Providence Flyers at Quito Proofo Flyer

In 1969, in response to the Canadian and American competition, an agreement by four Quebec troops gathered their activities to save their expenses and to serve as a major company. maxi flyer quebec One of them is Antoine Tümerman, who will be the first CEO of ProZero. In 1969, Provigo was founded in the name of Quirite and Provost, changed to Provito in 1970.

Initially, the name of the Pravega Holding Company has used three banners for its grocery: "Provin", "Provaq" and "Propop". It was not until 1979 that the name of Provogue itself would be a real banner of the store instead of Provence Chen. In 1983, the name of his sister was named AXEP. As Provipop, it was changed to Jobie in the 1970's. The "" discipline (est. 1974) in Provigo's convenience store was not influenced by this arrangement and named after the coupe-tier union before the end of the decade of 1990.

In 1977, at Jette, 1977 at Deson, Dominion and Raymond in 1981, Store Enterprise Montreal and in 1984 Stevenborz.


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