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You will find everything you see in the Metro store! Good prices, product products, producers, and more are just good reasons to be a good store. In addition, they are always subject to a seven basis. Whenever you see your shipment, you can find a great deal to reduce the cost of seven companies. And we always need some jobs, lower rates and special opportunities. This week, Metro Flyer introduces you to the new 5 day of 2017. Many great products and fresh products can find reasonable prices! Metro Flyer January 5, 2017
Find your favorite! metro flyer peterborough

Some part of this book has been verified by me. I really listened to your product list. Sembe: Have raised the price of all your products. If you have a shopping plan, you can visit your store. Make sure you can have more than what you are looking for. We verify who products are products. weekly flyers online edmonton

Each page has a lot of opportunity, but first of all, I want to leave from this stage. Here you can find a wide variety of products and options so as to pay the best products for the weekly shop. Take the chance to pay $ 12.00! On this page, my favorite product is Gatorade Sports Drink $ 3.99 ea. When you buy, save at least $ 3.00!
Your subway, your excesses!

    Bartheson 2 years of Canadian cheddar cheese (100 grams), $ 2.49
    Rossu Rossu U Bone à Striploin Steak Value Pack, $ 6.99 lbs.
    Chloé porch meat, chloé, $ 2.49 pounds.
    Artisan pan irresistible, $ 5.99 ea.
    Fresh Atlantic Salmon Steak, $ 8.99 lbs.
    Black Diamond Cheese Bar, $ 4.44 ea.
    Small potato compagny fresh cream potatoes, $ 2.99
    D'italino Buns, roll or bread, 2 USD

Certain products will help your attention with the selection of products and the best prices. Before speaking with them, I want to offer advice on fruits and vegetables. We need to keep the producers to stay healthy. So your choice is very important. I like to consume fruit, without additives. Do not forget, you should always be the best! Panneys of the Metro 5 January 2017
Make a sister!

You do not want to buy fruits, vegetables, and other portions, you can use fresh fruit and vegetables. Anything that has been imported is that you just buy what you need, because you can not save fresh products, save meats or potatoes.

Pages 4 and 5 include fresh fresh or vegetable fruits, fresh products with this product, such as goat's milk, local selection, flowers and many natural choices. In particular, you need to have an organic product. The porcini of chestnuts, broken bones, the bumblebees are brown. You can see this on the bottom of the page.

    Tomato on the vineyard, $ 1.79 pounds.
    Seedless cucumber, $ 2.00, $ 3.00
    Rice, Orange, Yellow Street Pepper, $ 3.77 lbs.
    Lawyer, $ 3.99
    He wore no bigger brooms or huge green, $ 3.99 pounds.
    Pitaya Pitaya, $ 2.99 ea.
    Crains Cranberries Secs, 2 $ 7.00
    Bell Pepper Organica, $ 3.99

Now is the time to try something special and delicious! They watch many glasses, croissants, biscuits, muffins, chocolate panels, etc., the price is over! If you do not have the time to prepare a thing, it's cool and ready to provide good deals will be a good choice. In my mind, the best way is to create a fresh gourmet shortbread street style $ 23.99!


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