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Super C is a supermarket chain in Quebec with more than 80 shops in Quebec. The diminution of these products is 4,103 square meters (44,116 meters four). Super C delivers 8000 products, about 1,200 Super C Private Label products. By mid-2006, with the exception of one of the remaining new bottles in Ontario, the remainder was transformed into an image or Loeb. The shop in Pembroke in Ontario is shut up and the building is now occupied by Value Village. super c flyer june 4 2015

Super C Compound. Super C Weekly Flyers, Scienze Merci online, New Offers, Sales & Offers. See all the special offers from Super C here. Drop off local books from your comfortable home. weekly flyers costco

Super C, which has more than 80 shops in Quebec, has become one of the most famous supermarkets in the community served. Super C, known as a supermarket of the meetings, offers you a faster price for a variety of products, including national brands.

There are about 8000 products in supermarket, products and difficult products. It also sells a variety of alcoholic beverages, ranging from breweries and wines to various wines in various locations. Additionally, most C Supercents include Western Union, COINSTAR or FedEx services.
Most well-known magazines with Merit Selection, Super C and Irresistible Products, which sell and sell a wide variety of frozen, wonder and ricci nutrition. Cumparii Super C can include 50% of treatments, and also specials for production articles in meat and breakfast rooms.


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